The Yearbox

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The Yearbox

What better gift to give than the gift of time?  Instead of wrapping a package, choose experiences and special dates to enjoy throughout the year.

You decide who you will share the Yearbox with.  Are the experiences for you both or for someone special to enjoy alone?  There are many occasions to celebrate throughout the year, we have provided some suggestions.  The budget is for you to decide.

Who’s it for?

  • Your partner
  • Your friend
  • Your family

What’s the occasion?

  • Birthday
  • Valentine’s
  • Christmas
  • Anniversary
  • Exam success
  • Graduation
  • New year

Set your budget

  • Find free activities
  • Set a limit for each month
  • Splash out on a something more extravagant

Choose your categories (and how many of each):

  • Free to enter (as long as it is free to get in, this doesn’t include transport or food)
  • A glamorous event (anything from a black tie event to candlelit takeaway at home)
  • Never tried before (anything that neither of you have tried from skateboarding to skydiving)
  • Learn something new (from knitting to salsa)
  • A musical theme (from listening to an album at home to attending a concert)
  • Eat something different (from tasters at home to trying out a new restaurant – Polish, Turkish, Russian, Lebanese, Persian, Korean?)
  • Anything goes (completely free choice)

Once you have chosen your categories, share them out evenly between you and your partner or family.  Or complete them yourself if you are giving them to a loved one.

Complete your cards with your ideas.  Add website details if appropriate and any time restrictions if events are only available at certain times of the year.

Post the cards in the box and add the opening date to the front of the box.

When your special day arrives, open the box and enjoy the surprises.  Choose the month for each activity and attach your cards.

Enjoy your very special year!!